Tournament pictures and videos over the years

Excited feelings before the opening bell

Year 2013 video

Disco 90's, 2018

Theme related dressing

Kolumbus Kris played rock 'n' roll and electronic blues at year 2013

Nice accommondation in granary

Year 2015 video

Marjo Leinonen Huff 'N' Puff gave great evening show at year 2014

German stroking with precission

Veini is hosting

Mäntän Merikarhut

Los Nestors played acoustic folk-pop-rock at 2017

Muhu Memm, motorbike with a sidecar is an excellent choice for the croquet tournament

The Girl, tournament's official trophy

DIY mallet with footrest and bottle holder

Year 2011 video

Mr. Croquet 2014

No cursing during hitting

Concentration yes, miss no

Good vibes

Winners at the evening show

Excellent theme related dress

Dress competition winners 2012

Tournament diagram

Year 2012 video

Sauna, sea and hot summer day

Music and dance

Modern hitting style

Team bus from Helsinki has arrived. Winner of the precious year's tournament at the roof

Veini, original founder of the tournament

The Trouble team



Putin is playing croquet, too!


Year 2017 video

Kukkerpilid performance 2014

Winners behind tin foil hats

Year 2010

Amish and croquet, 2014